GMT provide solutions to satisfy the meets requirements of complex anti-vibration systems in construction machines which are subject to various simultaneous forces.


GMT products fulfil the requirements of construction machinery which are subjected to complex combinations of forces, displacements and frequencies acting simultaneously.

Often such types of applications involve high static and dynamic stress. Our extensive application experience and industry specific knowledge are essential in our ability to develop and manufacture high-performance products. Each GMT component is designed with ease of maintenance and longevity in mind; qualities which are essential for the construction, mining and compression industries.

Complex customer needs demand an intelligent approach when selecting and designing our components. Once installed, continued technical support is offered for the life of our products in order to guarantee optimal performance in the application.

Our construction machine product range includes:

cabin mountings, engine mountings, exhaust mountings, drum mountings, rubber pads, air condition mounts, bump stops, suspension struts, axle bearings, chassis bearings, flange elements, compound springs and offshore springs.


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