New Tie Rods
GMT developed a new generation of „Tie Rods“ to be used in aircraft to attach interiors (hatracks, walls, galleys, lavatories, water tanks and aggregates). With this system it is possible to assemble individually the appropriate Tie Rod (modular construction system). In the course of the development and due to the need for a further reduction in weight GMT developed a rod body out of carbon fiber to replace the metallic rod body in case of need. In doing so, up to 30 % of the weight can be reduced depending on the length of the rod body.

Moreover GMT developed a new way to attach the rod ends to the CFRP rod body. Here the threaded sleeves out of high-strength plastic are attached to the CFRP rod body already during the manufacturing process (wet-filament winding process). This ensures a tight attachment to the carbon fiber rod and allows extremely high load-bearing capacities.


  • Reduction in weight
  • Easy to assemble and to lock
  • Low-priced system
  • Specially developed threaded sleeve out of plastic prevents corrosion in the thread due to contact of different materials.
  • The use of a sealing prevents entry of condensed water into the thread and the rod body respectively.
  • The threaded sleeve moreover leads to reduced transmission of impact sound and heat transfer.
  • Due to numerous possible combinations of rod ends and different rod bodies the customer can easily adapt the Tie Rods to his needs.
Tie Rods

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