International Railway Industry Standard
GMT is certified acc. to IRIS

GMT GmbH has been certified acc. to the International Railway Industry Standard "IRIS". IRIS presents a quality management model that is particularly tailored to requirements of railway vehicle industry and suppliers. Target of IRIS is to avoid quality defects and delays in deliveries as well as to decrease costs and increase reliabilty. IRIS is based on ISO 9001, however, goes far beyond these requirements and engages considerably with buying process. IRIS also considers the special requirements revealing from railway-specific lifetime cycle of more than 30 years.

Already in summer 2008 GMT started to prepare for the complex requirements. In the run-up to the certification all processes have been analysed systematically and the required supplements for the IRIS certification have been introduced. The audit was realised in July 2009. Thanks to IRIS certification we are optimally prepared for our customer's requirements. Moreover certification unterlines the reliability of our products.